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With the money Laid has made from the ads on his video, he recently bought a Digital SLR camera to improve the quality of his posts.Laid orders a tall stack of blueberry banana pancakes.

The comment sections of his Instagram and You Tube accounts are filled with kids’ compliments and desperate yearnings. ” “It’s surreal,” Laid says, reflecting on his newly acquired public persona.

His mouth is agape, as if he’d been caught off guard; his body is blurred, mid-motion, as if he’s not quite sure he wants to stand still long enough to see the final result of his own selfie.

The video slide show, set to electronic music, is called “David Laid 3 Year Natural Transformation 14–17.” As it proceeds, it chronicles the early years of his life.

The two started to hang out two years ago after they met at Mainland Regional High School, when Laid was still a sophomore and Vitale, now nineteen, was a jacked senior football player.

Now they train, eat and make workout videos together.

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