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The pattern stops mid-shoulder and the entire back is the same brown as the trim.

It fastens with five brown plastic buttons down the front to the notched bottom.

Nucky wears one of his favorite shirts, a light blue cotton dress shirt with a fine white windowpane.

It has white buttons down a plain front and white contrasting French cuffs that he fastens with round silver cluster links.

As usual, none of his garments are a solid color or pattern – even his socks!

In addition to the laces, the brown parts of the shoe are the caps, counters, throat, and tongue. His light brown socks rise up his calves with solid bands around the top.

The pattern consists of a series of large-scaled brown and tan Glen checks.

All edges – along the neck line, around the shoulder holes, and on the two lower pockets – are brown trim.

Ralph Lauren produced a very similar sweater, described as a blend of 61% cotton, 24% cashmere, 10% silk, and 5% linen.

It’s still available on Amazon for 5.80 (as of July 31, 2015), and looks exactly like the vest worn by Nucky, right down to the brown trim and plaid detail throughout.

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