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Even better, you don't have to pay to play 720 lines, and the 720 ways to win cost just 50 coins to play.

You can then choose your total-bet by applying a coin-value of 1 to 10, allowing a minimum bet of 50 coins and a maximum bet of 500 coins a spin.

But alas, Yuuma is supposed to be perfect and always say the right things.

While in the real world, this could be suspicious/translate to sociopathy, in the world of My Horse Prince, he is just here to charm.

Fire Horse is definitely a slot aimed at slot players who love fantastic artwork and aesthetics but, even if you couldn’t care less about how a slot looks, you can still enjoy the impressive Multiway Extra Wins, wilds and scatters.

And the Bonus Round, with the chance to re-trigger total-bet multipliers and free spins – should help Fire Horse burn its way into several slot-play portfolios!

They usually pose like this: But then I remember: Yuuma is a fling.

IGT's creative and playability departments have certainly worked in unison of this slot, and the artwork that's been put into creating the Fire Horses and Ice Horses definitely makes you want to grab hold of the reigns of this game and ride it all the way through from the Multiway Extra wins up until you trigger the re-triggerable bonus round.Tapping each onion is so time-consuming and mindless that I end up taking a lot of breaks and doing it whenever I have spare time.It’s like when I’d respond to sexts from guys I was “eh” about, and they’d really think I was wearing lacy underwear instead of eating soup and watching Half of my conversations with Yuuma feel like the stilted ones where both parties 100 percent don’t want to bone but trudge through anyway out of a feeling of “well, we each just paid for a rum and Coke.”It does get interesting when he overfeeds me green onions and I briefly think this game is about to hit a deliciously dark turn.The first thing that grabs you about this slot is the quirky 3-4-5-4-3 window reel set-up, but the reels have been set-up this way to allow the Multiway Extra Feature to kick into action, and this can whip-up wins in loads of different ways.You can win when matching symbols are simply in any position on adjacent reels, whilst lines pay left-to-right and right-to-left – all adding up to those 720 ways to win on any spin.

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