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Its practice is based on pure common sense and intelligent mathematical rationalization.These four vakyas represent four stages of man’s spiritual evolution.Man’s quest for immortality has a long history can be seen from the upanishadic prayer.Lead us from untruth to truth Lead us from darkness to light Lead us from mortality to immortality Modern scientific development of cloning is an example of man’s quest for immortality.

The field is the Avyakta prakriti, the unmanifest primordial material source of entire creation. Intellect is the rational thinking principle of mind.

Sushruta samhita describes practically more than hundred surgical instruments used by the modern surgeons.

The practice of asepsis in surgery and also a number of surgical procedures as practiced now days are described in Sushrut Samhita.

Chief amongst these are cataract surgery, fistula therapy through kshara sutra and the plastic surgery of the nose.

In fact, Sushruta is honored as the father of modern plastic surgery based on his description of the plastic surgical repair of nose, called as Indian nose.

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