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"They didn't even tell me he was dead."Remus, not caring whether he was being invasive or not, reached out and placed a hand on the man's arm."Can I offer you something? The man looked at him with curious grey eyes and finally smiled a genuine smile."Thank you." He fidgeted suddenly."My name's Sirius Black," he muttered, as if it was an afterthought.Remus stared at him, biting his lip, torn between comforting the man and respect for his mourning.In the end, his good character won out, and he walked over, the wet grass soaking the bottoms of his jeans.He also ate industrial quantities of Pedigree Chum and dry kibble, a fact Remus's student pocket couldn't exactly afford, and often stole whatever Remus left around (it had happened more than once that Remus, distracted by his textbook, had reached for his half-eaten sandwich and found an empty plate, devoid of crumbs, a Padfoot who was trying to look innocent and failing sitting in the corner, licking his chops).He'd vomited on the patchwork quilt Remus's grandmother had made him before she died. He'd shredded the kitchen door that time Remus had shut him in there when his mother had come to visit.Remus, holding the umbrella slightly higher so Sirius was comfortable beneath as they left, smiled."I'm Remus Lupin," he replied.4) IN THE PARK (TAKE TWO)Sometimes, Remus wished Padfoot wasn't such a bundle of energy.If he hadn't have been James and Lily's dog, he would never have taken him on, but he was the only thing his friends had left behind, and it was his duty to make sure he was well-kept and happy, and loved by Remus as much as he had been by Lily and James.

Sirius, finally losing Remus in the crowd, stared at the phone number on his hand ecstatically."Neither did I..." He confessed in a dreamy voice.2) IN A MUSIC SHOPThe longhaired young man was flicking through a box of records; Remus was carrying one in to heave onto the trestle table. Remus gave him a disdainful look and stomped over to the counter to talk to Janice. Remus scoffed."As if." His disdain was blatantly obvious."That, and he were checking out your bum as you were coming over."Remus raised a sceptical eyebrow, not really wanting to give in to the little ray of hope. After a little while longer, when Janice had gone out back for a cup of tea, the bloke strolled over, holding two records. The lad held the second record up and grinned."How about it? Remus stared at it for a moment, then at the bloke, then frowned."You're not having me on, are you? " the bloke answered, cocking his head to one side with a raised eyebrow. Remus rolled his eyes."Alright, I suppose you want my phone number?

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Remus turned around and saw the back of a tall man with his fists clenched at his sides, his long black hair plastered to the back of his leather jacket.

He was standing in front of an expensive statue of a rather beautiful male angel.

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