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The zebra finch: A synthesis of field and laboratory studies. The complete book of finches and softbills: Their care and breeding. Paperback, 134 pages, beautiful color paintings (no photos) & nice drawings. The paintings are very helpful in showing which birds belong to which species. Covers such topics as evolutionary history, distribution and habitat, morphology, domestication, moulting, diet, foraging, nesting activity and diet, drinking, thermoregulation, coloniality, nesting, incubation and hatching, intra-specific brood parasitism, development of young, breeding periodicity, opportunistic breeding, social and reproductive behavior, mate choice, vocalisations, and much more. Quite possibly the most extensive book on captive finches ever published in an easy-to-read format. For each bird, covers: identification, confusion species, description of adult male, adult female, and juvenile, geographical variation, voice, status, habitat, behavior, distribution, movements, and measurements. Very comprehensive book pertaining to the zebra finch based on scientific study of the species. The healthy bird cookbook: A lifesaving nutritional guide and recipe collection.

Covers structure of the lymphoid system, development of the immune system, the mucosal, respiratory, enteric, and reproductive immune systems, immunosuppressive diseases, autoimmune diseases (of poultry), and tumors of the immune system. Veterinary medical text covering disorders of skin and feathers, beak and cere, eye, ear, legs feet and toes, musculoskeletal system, intestinal tract, liver, pancreas, cardiovascular system, lymphatic and haematopoietic systems, nervous system, reproductive tract, and urinary system. Does not have a chapter dedicated to finches; focuses primarily on hookbills. Topics pertinent to birds include: abscesses, ascites, cardiac disease, chronic egg laying, cloacal prolapse, conjunctivitis, crop stasis, diarrhea, ectoparasitism, feather picking, and more. Five chapters are dedicated to passerine species, including a chapter on hand-feeding diets specific to passerines, a chapter on hand-feeding house finches & goldfinches, as well as a chapter on hand feeding exotic finches which was contributed to the book by Sally Huntington. Although this is not a medical text nor written specifically about finches, it is an easy-to-understand reference which covers a wide range of topics related to caring for birds, including: new bird purchase and acclimatization to your home, housing recommendations, feeding tips (including recipes to try at home), basic anatomy and physiology, how to recognize a sick bird, a handy index of symptoms of illness and other problems, first aid and home medical care, basic information on various diseases and disorders, and more. In-depth information is provided in this book, covering the nutritional and physiological topics of: dietary patterns, anatomy and physiology of the digestive system, the digestion of food, nutritional strategies and adaptations, nutrient requirements, amino acids, lipids, carbohydrates, energy, minerals, and vitamins. Hardback, 328 pages, pretty color paintings (no photos) & a few drawings. Written by a veterinarian, this text covers general information for the benefit of bird owners.

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